I approach the arts with a risk all mentality. My experiences as a painter are exhilarating because I begin each new work of art with a bold, fresh mindset that expresses the feelings in my heart, and my sensitivities to the world around me.  Each work I have included reflects my observations of life’s endless variety and curiosities but it also conveys my emotional response to my engagements with reality. I follow no formula. When I paint, photograph, draw, I do so intuitively - if a brushstroke, hue, or contour feels right, then it is right. There are no mistakes, only opportunities for improvement and the refinement of my vision.  With my all my work, I do so in a loose, free and spontaneous manner and am not constrained by traditions and expectations.  I want my work to speak to the viewer and relate the sentiment or thought that I have projected through my art, but I also want the viewer to become involved both visually and emotionally. I have always wanted to be apart of the creative aspect of the fashion and advertising. Being apart of the creative process with other innovative thinkers encourages me to expand my knowledge and create visuals that inspire others.